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Harris Ad wishes everyone a very happy 4th – Independence Day – commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.

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Happy Father’s Day to all us dads. A few days early but wanted to make sure message got posted.

Every once in a while we have to step back (from work) and remember what is truly important – family/our children.

I am blessed to have three wonderful children – two sons and a daughter – ranging in age from 23 to 5.

Thanks John L., Crosby, and Hadley for bringing me so much joy.

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In honor of Alice, tell us what was your favorite Brady episode – The Undergraduate, A Camping We Will Go, Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.

I grew up watching The Brady Bunch. Huge fan. I am now enjoying watching reruns with my five year old who loves the show as well.

Wholesome TV.

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A few days ago was the 40th anniversary of the Flyers winning the Stanley Cup. The city went crazy.

I remember it as though it was yesterday. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Bernie Parent over the years, making the memories of the Flyers consecutive Cup wins even more memorable.

Pictured: John Harris, President, Harris Advertising with Bernie Parent, Hockey Hall-of-Fame goalie.

“John and I have worked together for years.  In my opinion, he’s a true Hall-of-Famer.”

– Bernie Parent

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I recently attended the Antonelli Institute Graphic Design & Photography board meeting. I have served on the board for many years and am proud to say that the school is doing exceptional well. Kudos to all.


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Madison Avenue at a fraction of the cost – that’s why.

Harris Advertising is not your father’s agency. Uniquely structured. Uniquely staffed. Uniquely cost efficient and effective. Simply put, it works.

Harris Advertising is a MACRO company. MACRO is a worldwide consortium of like-minded marketing communications professionals – an expansive network of independent marketing and communications professionals and specialized vertical companies available on an as need basis. We utilize this pool of talent to help us help our clients market themselves more effectively and cost efficiently.

We understand the importance of cost/value, cash flow and profitability to clients’ businesses just as to our own.  There is no overhead to cover and no long-term commitments that lock you into specific individuals, combinations of resources or ongoing costs. Just results.

I’ve always said give me top talent – art, copy, production, media … put us all in a mobile home with laptops and we will compete with any Madison Avenue agency at a fraction of the cost.

We don’t have a mobile home just top talent on an as need basis.

Call us today.


Put SMART MARKETING® to work for you.

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What’s your favorite Tastykake?

Tastykake celebrated it’s 100th birthday today.

I’ve been a fan my entire life. A daily staple in my lunchbox for years.

My first job was as Marketing Coordinator for Phillips/Jacobs, which was a subsidiary of the Tasty Baking Company. It was a wonderful job with wonderful perks. Every Friday, I would purchase a large bag of my favorite Tastykakes – Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes – from the company store.

Congratulations Tastykake – a Philadelphia icon.

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Experience Matters

Experience Matters

Below please find a list consisting of almost one hundred different accounts. The list is a compilation of 30+ years of my work.

Harris Advertising would like to add your name to this list.

No account too small or too big. Need a logo – done. Need a brochure – done. Need a website – done.  Or, perhaps you need something on a larger scale like the creation and execution of a fully integrated marketing communications plan – done.

From A to Z – whatever your marketing communications need,  Harris Advertising has you covered. Harris Advertising provides a thorough, practical knowledge and implementation of strategic planning, creative, production and media.


  • 2K Healthcare Solutions
  • Advanta
  • Alf
  • Allagash
  • Atlee Burpee Seed
  • Benjamin James
  • Bills Khakis
  • Bradford White Water Heaters
  • Breton Shirt Company
  • Buaer International
  • Camp David
  • Castle Forbes
  • CertainTeed
  • Cleve Shirtmakers
  • Commonwealth Federal Savings Bank
  • Corgi Hosiery Limited
  • Cutter & Buck
  • Cypress Creek Corps.
  • Devold
  • Dolomite
  • Dr. Alan Meltzer & Associates, Specialty Center for Dental Implants & Advanced Periodontics
  • Dr. Carlyn S. Phucas, DDS
  • Dr. Pistone Hair Restoration
  • Ecco
  • Fashion Bug
  • Forsyth of Canada
  • Gino Franco
  • Glassgold Plastic Surgery
  • Graham Harris Trading Company
  • Grandoe Outdoors
  • Greenview
  • Helly Hansen
  • Home Goods
  • IKON Office Solutions
  • Imperial Schrade
  • Independence Brewing Company
  • Indigenous Designs
  • Josh Bach Neckwear
  • J.P. Graytok
  • Kahala
  • Kakadu
  • Keystone Medical Systems
  • Laguiole
  • Le Chameau
  • Le Cordon Blue
  • Lewis Creek
  • Lochcarron of Scotland
  • Magee Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Madison Trader
  • Maverick Mountain
  • Menu
  • M. Gordon
  • M&M/MARS
  • Moore Push-Pin
  • National Football League Properties
  • New Jersey Department of Aviation
  • New Jersey State Aquarium
  • New Scotland
  • NewsNet
  • Of The Earth
  • Pacific Trail
  • Peter Elliot
  • Philadelphia Zoological Society
  • Phillips/Jacobs, Inc., a Tasty Baking Co. subsidiary
  • Phorm
  • Pistone Cosmetic & Dermatology Associates
  • PLUSH Haute Stuff
  • Rabil Ropka Kingett & Stewart, LLC – attorneys at law
  • Railriders
  • RCN, Residential Communications Network, a C-TEC Company
  • Resource Real Estate
  • Richel
  • Robert Amerigo
  • Rockfire
  • RSL Insurance
  • Saranac
  • Saville Heaton & Co
  • Schott Brothers
  • Sensi Sandals
  • Shawnee Village
  • Shetland Islands Knitwear
  • Siena Laser & Aesthetics, a Medical Rejuvenation Spa
  • Smithco
  • Sportscraft
  • Squam River
  • Suburban Newspapers of America
  • Sugo Music
  • Thomas Publishing Company
  • Thousand Mile
  • Tilley Endurables
  • Tommy Bahama
  • Tugaloo River
  • Ultraviolet Purification Systems
  • Valley Forge Military Academy & College
  • Victorinox
  • Waterrower
  • Xelos

Call us today at 215-836-0401.

Let’s add your name to our list.

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